No breast pumps of any kind will be accepted. We will allow accessories without any tubing and other items such as breast milk storage bottles and new in package storage bags.

Item Limits for Shoes & Junior girls sizes.

SHOES: We will limit shoes to 15 pair per gender, per Consignor number. Please only bring your best! JUNIORS: We will also limit junior girls sizes to 25 hanging items, per Consignor number. This is anything above a size 18. Please keep in mind, these should be teen brands/styles. Suggested brands include: Aeropostale, American Eagle, Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, Billabong, BKE, Charlotte Russe, DC, Coach, Converse, Vans, Forever 21, Nike, Lucky Brand, Guess, Free People, Under Armour etc.

Exciting changes to our sale schedule!

We are excited to announce a few new changes to our sale schedule! On Wednesday and Thursday you can take advantage of savings before our huge Half-Price Sale. Those items without a dot will be 25% off! We will have a special Customer Appreciation Day on Wednesday, with many of our items 25% off and shopping hours of 9:30AM to 9PM. Thursday will be 25% off as well, with shopping hours of 9:30AM until 3PM. On Friday, during our 1/2 price sale, we will have shopping hours from 9:30AM until 9PM.

Item limits for this sale.

Each CONSIGNOR is limited to 150 items per consignor number. To enter more than 150 items, please sign up for an additional consignor number. We ask that you bring your best, high quality items - the same quality you would expect to find when you are shopping.

New Pick Up Day & Time

Consignor pick up will be MONDAY, immediately following the event,with a PICK UP TIME, 11AM -1PM AND 4PM-7PM. Your RL Consignor Check and printed Sales Report will be ready and any unsold items neatly sorted. Consignors, you must bring your personal ID in order to pick up your RL Consignor Check.

Continuing This Sale

VIP Consigning

Are you a busy mom with name brand and boutique brand children's clothing? Our VIP Consignors make 35% of what their items sell for and WE do all of the work for you! Please contact us for more information on our VIP Consigning option at 501-499-0009 or