Here are some ways you can help with the sale and benefit from early shopping. We depend on our wonderful volunteers to help make Rhea Lana's such a pleasant shopping and consigning experience. Our volunteers love catching up with long time friends and making lots of new friends!

By volunteering one 5 hour shift, you will earn a Worker's Pass to shop on Pre-sale. If you volunteer two 5 hour shifts you will earn an Early Worker's Pass to shop even earlier in the day! Our best opportunity available is to be a Super Mom, volunteering for 3 shifts during our event and shop on Pre-Sale with fewer shoppers and incredible bargains. One Super Mom shift needs to be during sort Saturday at the end of the sale.

Please write down your volunteer shifts and we look forward to seeing you at the designated volunteer time. We appreciate your choice to volunteer through serving at our event. Thank you for participating with us and for helping to make this high quality event possible for the families of Central Arkansas and surrounding communities. Feel free to call 501-499-0009 with any questions or email

Early Worker's Pre-Sale

Must Have Pass.
Sat, April 6th 8 AM to 9 PM

Worker's Pre-Sale

Must Have Pass
Sat, April 6th 10 AM to 9 PM

Consignor's Pre-Sale

Must Have Pass
Sat, April 6th 12 PM to 9 PM


Bring your pass and a friend.
Thurs, April 11th 5 PM to 10 PM


Bring your pass and a friend.
Thurs, April 11th 6 PM to 10 PM

Please contact Rhea Lana if you can provide any of these below at

Referring THREE Consignors

When you refer THREE new consignors to Rhea Lana's, and they bring at least 15 items, you will receive 75% of your sales!! Be sure to tell your referral consignors to give us your name (by email at when they register to consign.

Referring FOUR Consignors

When you refer FOUR new consignors (and they bring 15 items) you'll get 80% of your sales!!

Super Moms!

Yes, we know all of you are Super Moms, but at Rhea Lana's a Super Mom is a mom that works three - 5 hours shifts during our event. One of these shifts MUST be on Saturday, during SORT. This earns a Super Mom Pass and the ability to shop among the first at the Private Pre-Sale Event on Friday evening!

Meals for Workers

Our great volunteer workers get tired and hungry! When you bring a meal gift card, you will receive a Worker Pass. If you combine a food gift card and one shift in the store, you can receive an early worker pass. Even better, volunteer for two shifts in the store (one during sort)combined with a gift card and you will receive a Super Mom pass! Please visit our online volunteer schedule to see the gift card options.


**** POSTCARDS ARE TO BE PUT ONLY ON FRONT DOORS OF HOUSES = NOT ON OR IN MAILBOXES!! IT IS ILLEGAL TO PUT ANYTHING IN OR ON U.S. MAILBOXES!!! Postcards are to be delivered to pre-approved neighborhoods. This is a great opportunity for moms to do while pushing the stroller or to do with your kids!

Postcard and Poster Distribution

We are looking for gals who will help spread the word about Rhea Lana's in their community by distributing postcards to our target market- families with children. Possible places for postcard and poster distribution include preschools, daycares, dance studios, doctor's offices and more. The pass you receive will depend on the amount of material you are distributing.


We need dads who will help with the set-up and the breakdown of the store. We also need dads that can help with Security and carry outs on our busy days. When dads work, the wives love it because they get to shop early! You will receive one Pre-Sale pass depending on the number of shifts.

Shopping Bags

If you can supply us with several hundred large(16 x 20) shopping bags (they can even have your business logo on them!), you will receive a Workers pass.

Media Coverage

If you can help us with Radio, Television or Newspaper Coverage you will receive a Media Pass to shop early on Pre-Sale.